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Visible Thinking (VT) is an approach to teaching and learning that offers opportunities to develop thinking dispositions such as curiosity, understanding and a creative mindset. Originally developed for classroom use, I’ve successfully adapted elements of VT for use in museum programmes with art and object and developed the first museum programmes to use VT in the Netherlands at the Tropenmuseum in 2011.
My method, called ‘Visible Thinking in the Museum’ or VTM, for short, has four elements that have been key to the success of this approach and have evolved over the course of the past 10 years:
  1. Using thinking routines with open-ended questions
  2. Good facilitation skills
  3. Documenting the process
  4. Encouraging collaborative learning
‘Visible Thinking in the Museum’ focuses on developing thinking dispositions (i.e. not just the ‘skill’ itself but the inclination and ability to use it) that foster curiosity, creative and critical thinking. The method is a flexible structure around which to explore art, objects, museum and heritage collections and their stories.
Educators can use thinking routines as the structure to their inquiry-led discussions and to engage their audience with certain skills, such as careful observation, thoughtful interpretation and understanding different viewpoints. The museum teacher, guide or educator facilitates and guides this process combining elements of Visible Thinking with specific museum education practices.
I’ve trained hundreds of educators, guides and creatives in the Visible Thinking in the Museum method over the past 10 years. You can work with me as an individual or as a team.
You can book an online or in-person training for your team here, join my Visible Thinking Membership and participate in my 8 module course Visible Thinking in the Museum Online
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