Teenage Kicks at the Stedelijk Teenage Kicks at the Stedelijk In August I was asked to lead a private tour for a group of teenagers at the Stedelijk, a museum of modern and contemporary art and design in Amsterdam. This was to be a small group of participants aged between 11 and 18 years old. All of the group were German, but some lived in Amsterdam and went to a local international school, whilst others were visiting from Berlin where they attended a bi-lingual secondary school. The tour would be in English but all of the group were non-native English speakers. Two of the

‘What is a Museum?’ In-School Workshop

  I recently I held my first workshop at an international school in Amsterdam. This was a great chance to try out my new ideas, make sure I had pitched the material at the correct level and to check engagement and interest amongst the students. This was a class of 19 international students in Group 3 Primary School (age 6-7 years). The first 20 minutes of the workshop involved students discussing their ideas about what a museum was. The very first activity I asked the students to do was to draw a quick sketch of what a museum meant to them.


Spring has finally arrived in Amsterdam. The blossom is just starting to appear on the trees and the daffodils are looking cheery. I'm looking forward to getting out and about over the next few months and to trying out thinking routines in different environments and settings. I'm going to be working as a guide/docent for ARTZUID 2013. This is the third edition of the international sculpture route in Amsterdam where sculptures from around the world are set up on the Apollolaan, Minervalaan and the Zuidas in South Amsterdam. The route is free to visit and the exhibition lasts 4 months from May to September. The

Stories Around the World – Interview with Claire Bown.

If you are interested in the story behind the new programme for international schools at the Tropenmuseum, the website has just published an interview with me about how it all came about... Interview with Claire Bown, developer of Stories Around the World. Claire, can you tell us a little about yourself and on how you got involved in this project? Whose idea was it to develop a programme for international primary schools? I am originally from the UK and moved to Amsterdam in 2008 with my husband and three children. Since arriving in the Netherlands, my children have been educated at

Stories Around the World

  Yesterday was a very proud moment for me. Over the past year I have been developing a new programme at the Tropenmuseum for international primary schools using thinking routines as a method of engaging and interacting with museum objects. We invited teachers from international schools all over the Netherlands to come to the museum yesterday to find out more and experience a taster of the programme for themselves. There are two types of international schools in the Netherlands - private and so-called community schools. The latter receive a generous subsidy from the Dutch government which ensures school fees stay low. Community schools