The magic of thinking routines: what are they and how can you use them?

Thinking routines are an essential part of the Visible Thinking in the Museum method. They have been a magical ingredient in helping me to confidently create engaging discussions around objects and artworks over the past 10 years. They’ve also been a great way to engage audiences to get them really interested in art and objects, making them curious

Introducing The Art Engager Podcast

The Art Engager Podcast Trailer Welcome to The Art Engager podcast! This podcast here to help educators, guides and creatives engage their audiences with art, objects and ideas. Each week I’ll be sharing a variety of strategies, ideas and inspiration to help you to engage and connect with your audiences and confidently lead lively art and artefact discussions.

How to use Zoom In thinking routine in art discussions

Zoom In is one of my favourite Visible Thinking Routines for art discussions - particularly for online classes. However, it does take a bit of preparation. If you’re new to Zoom In, don’t worry, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to prepare and use Zoom In for art discussions.  What is Zoom In thinking routine? The thinking routine Zoom

The 9 roles of a good facilitator of art discussions

Facilitation is a key part of the Visible Thinking in the Museum method. But developing the skills of a good facilitator is an art form in itself - it requires practice and patience. So, what does good facilitation look like? And what roles will you be expected to play?  1. Coordinator You are the person who ensures the session

How to Use Lenses Thinking Routine to Explore Artworks

Every month in the Visible Thinking Membership we have a specialist thinking routine class that gives us the opportunity to discover a new thinking routine or to dig a bit deeper into one we already know. We recently  discovered Lenses thinking routine and here’s how we used this thinking routine to analyse an artwork in an online group discussion

The six core elements in my popular Visible Thinking in the Museum Online (VTMO) course

My Visible Thinking in the Museum Online Course teaches educators to engage their audiences and confidently lead discussions around art and museum objects. This popular course focuses on 6 core elements in its design. You will learn how to give your discussions a flexible structure and substance using thinking routines and how best to engage your group by employing