How to Engage with Teens in the Museum

INTRODUCTION What words come to mind when you hear the word ‘teenager’? Or the word ‘adolescence’? Do you love working with teens or feel a little apprehensive? I’ve recently been facilitating some team trainings in museums about how to engage with teenagers and so I’ve been thinking a lot about the best ways to work with teens. It's

7 Ways to Refresh your Practice for 2023

INTRODUCTION Today I’m sharing 7 different ways to refresh your practice for 2023 so you don’t get stuck in a rut.  Here are a couple of questions for you to think about.  First of all, it’s the start of the new year. Are you looking forward to designing and leading guided tours, art experiences, educational programmes in 2023?

Throwback Thursday: How to get over a tumbleweed moment

INTRODUCTION Today I'm revisiting an episode about to survive tumbleweed moments. This episode first aired in Oct 2021. It takes a deep dive into what a tumbleweed moment is and how to get over one when it happens. I'm also exploring 7 ways to avoid one in the first place.  A tumbleweed moment is a moment of silence

8 ways to show up in your most resourceful state

Today I’m talking about how we can get ourselves into our best state - our most resourceful state - for when we show up to facilitate art discussions, tours, programmes or lessons. And sharing 8 different ways for you to turn up at your best! How you show up is important. Whether you’re leading a

The joy of engaging with objects

THE JOY OF ENGAGING WITH OBJECTS WITH ALEX WOODALL INTRODUCTION  I’m really happy to be talking to Dr Alex Woodall about her wonderful work with objects. We’re talking about how the joys of working with objects creatively. We’re exploring how you can use objects to spark all sorts of connections, associations and

How to Look at Art (Slowly)

HOW TO LOOK AT ART (SLOWLY) We’ve reached another milestone and in honour of 75 episodes, I’m releasing a new resource today which shares 31 different ways that you can look at art or objects in museums. Today I’m going to talk you through some of these different ways of looking

How to enjoy art (without knowing anything about it)

INTRODUCTION        Today I’m chatting to Ben Street about his new book 'How to Enjoy Art: A Guide for Everyone'. We’re talking about how we can engage with art without needing to know anything about it.   Ben Street is an author, educator and art historian. He’s also been a school

How to talk about climate activist protests in art museums

HOW TO TALK ABOUT CLIMATE ACTIVIST PROTESTS IN ART MUSEUMS Summary Sheet for Episode 73 - Resources for talking about contentious issues   Today’s episode follows on from some popular posts I shared on social media recently about how to talk about the recent activist protests in art

Reacting to art with our bodies with Rachel Ropeik

REACTING TO ART WITH OUR BODIES WITH RACHEL ROPEIK INTRODUCTION  Today I’m talking to Rachel Ropeik about her work. We’re talking about the many ways in which we can incorporate movement into our work as educators and how it can help with engagement. Rachel Ropeik is an educator, facilitator, adventurer, experience builder