November 2022

How to talk about climate activist protests in art museums

HOW TO TALK ABOUT CLIMATE ACTIVIST PROTESTS IN ART MUSEUMS Summary Sheet for Episode 73 - Resources for talking about contentious issues   Today’s episode follows on from some popular posts I shared on social media recently about how to talk about the recent activist protests in art

October 2022

Reacting to art with our bodies with Rachel Ropeik

REACTING TO ART WITH OUR BODIES WITH RACHEL ROPEIK INTRODUCTION  Today I’m talking to Rachel Ropeik about her work. We’re talking about the many ways in which we can incorporate movement into our work as educators and how it can help with engagement. Rachel Ropeik is an educator, facilitator, adventurer, experience builder

Deconstructing the traditional guided tour with Hanna Piksen

DECONSTRUCTING THE TRADITIONAL GUIDED TOUR with HANNA PIKSEN INTRODUCTION  Today I’m so happy to be talking to Hanna Piksen about deconstructing the traditional guided tour and creating a completely new experience where guides are given free rein to design and lead the tour entirely from their own perspective.  Hanna Piksen is the

September 2022

Mindset shift: how to embrace the power of information

MINDSET SHIFT: HOW TO EMBRACE THE POWER OF INFORMATION INTRODUCTION As I said way back in Episode 12 which shared 6 best practices for sharing information, many of us are experts in our field - possibly art historians, historians or archaeologists - and want to share that incredible knowledge with the

7 Ways to Improve your Active Listening Skills

BITESIZE: 7 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR ACTIVE LISTENING SKILLS Most of us think we’re good listeners. But are we really? What does it mean to be an active listener in an art discussion, guided tour or educational programme in the museum?  Listening is one of the most important skills in our

Making museums accessible through art therapy & wellness programmes

MAKING MUSEUMS ACCESSIBLE THROUGH ART THERAPY & WELLNESS PROGRAMMES INTRODUCTION  Today I’m so happy to be talking to Richa Mehta about her work. We’re talking about what a mindful museum is, museum-based art therapy and how art can support the development and exploration of identity and connection Richa Mehta is a certified

4 Powerful Questions to Supercharge your Art Experiences

4 POWERFUL QUESTIONS TO SUPERCHARGE YOUR ART EXPERIENCES In the past I’ve talked about all kinds of different subjects about questioning. I’ve talked about The 5 Golden Rules for Asking Brilliant Questions⁠ (Episode 4), the 10 Common Mistakes to Avoid when asking questions (Episode 10), how to use artworks to improve