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The moment when I first heard the words ‘Visible Thinking’

The Moment When I First Heard the Words Visible Thinking


In this first episode , I’m going to be talking about the main method I use to engage audiences with art and ideas – that’s the Visible Thinking in the Museum approach that I started developing 10 years ago this year.

The Visible Thinking in the Museum approach is an easy-to-follow framework that allows educators to confidently design and lead engaging discussion-based sessions with art, objects and ideas with any audience.

The Visible Thinking in the Museum approach (VTM) takes elements of a framework called Visible Thinking and combines them with museum education practices, facilitation techniques, questioning strategies and coaching tools.

I didn’t know it at the time, but hearing the words ‘Visible Thinking’ was about to change everything. This framework has influenced everything I’ve done in the past 10 years and has completely revolutionised the way I work.

So, what is this Visible Thinking? How did I hear about it and how did I start to use it in my approach in the museum? All will be revealed in this first episode.


Visible Thinking
Cultivating a Culture of Thinking in Museums‘ by Ron Ritchhart (PDF)
The Great Pustaha Collection: Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam, NL
Madonna (After Omomá and Céline), 2008 collection: Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam, NL