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Tiny Treasures: Intricate Dutch Carvings at the Rijksmuseum

Exhibition Review of 'Small Wonders', June 17 - September 17 2017, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. By Danielle Carter Although the glory of the Dutch Golden Age seems to garner the most attention (and museum-space) throughout the Netherlands, and particularly in Amsterdam, a new exhibition at the Rijksmuseum concentrates on painstakingly intricate carvings from the late Middle Ages.

Between Fairy-tale and Reality: Romanovs & Revolution at the Hermitage Amsterdam

by Eve Kalyva 1917 is the year of the Revolution. Telling the story from the point of view of the imperial family of Tzar Nicholas II, the Hermitage Amsterdam presents the exhibition 1917. Romanovs & Revolution. The End of Monarchy (4 February – 17 September 2017). The exhibition is impressive not only because of the

Working with Families: Thinking Outside of the Box with Play

by Danielle Carter When we think of play in the museum setting, we often think of science museums where children can experiment with scientific concepts through play, or museums that are made specifically for children. With this perception, it seems that play has no role in the traditional art museum; how can we make play

The Smells of Art – Olfactory Experiences at the Stedelijk Museum

by Eve Kalyva Did you ever think that a museum visit would start with smelling coffee beans? This is what I found at the entrance of #artSmellery, a brief olfactory experience set up at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. The concept was simple: choose six paintings, make a fragrance for each and put it on display.


5 (Unexpected!) Museums to Visit in Rotterdam

by Danielle Carter If you love museums as much as we do at Thinking Museum, you will be delighted to discover that Amsterdam is not the only place with museums to love in the Netherlands. Rotterdam is a great option if you are looking for a day trip from Amsterdam during your stay in the

A Guide to Participation in the Museum

By Danielle Carter As a museum educator, it can sometimes prove difficult to balance the limitless information held within the museum and its collections, and the constructivist museum approach that affirms the visitor’s contribution as valid. Recently, we wrote a post about why parental participation in family museum visits matters to the entire family’s museum

Van Gogh Returns!

by Danielle Carter Although art theft seems like something you would only see in films, it is not a totally uncommon event. In 2002 — within the space of just a few minutes — thieves stole two early paintings by Vincent van Gogh from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Several years later, the Van