The Thinking Museum Membership
  • Are you looking to brush up your skills with the latest techniques and tools in museum and heritage education?
  • Or maybe you’re looking for new methods to engage your audiences with art and artefacts?
  • Or perhaps you’re feeling stuck in your ways and you’d like to update your practice and repertoire?
  • If this sounds like just what you need, then why not come and join me in The Thinking Museum Membership?
The Thinking Museum Membership teaches you skills, techniques and tools to design and lead engaging programmes and tours about art and artefacts.
You’ll be part of a global learning community of educators, sharing, collaborating and supporting each other.


  • Live masterclasses, thinking routine classes and coaching sessions. One each per month. Attend live or catch up with the recording.
  • Access to our membership library of classes, courses and resources. All my resources in one place, ready for you if you want to develop certain skills, or learn about new approaches to engaging audiences with art.
  • Community. You’ll be part of an international community of museum and heritage educators, creatives and freelancers from all the world. The membership is a mix of learning and networking; it’s a place for idea sharing, creating connections and developing your practice.
  • Expert guidance and feedback. You’ll also have access to live teaching and support with me to get answers to your questions and to pick my brain.


Live classes taught by Claire Bown and guest teachers on a variety of specialist subjects. Focus on your questioning & facilitation skills, or new techniques and ways of working with art and objects. Discover past masterclasses in our extensive class library (15+ masterclasses)


Discover & explore new thinking routines in our monthly live class or explore the library of past thinking routine classes (15+ thinking routine classes). Find out how to use thinking routines with a wide range of materials for visual inquiry.


Sign up to facilitate a discussion about an artwork or object and get live feedback and coaching from Claire Bown


Read and discuss a new book each month to further your professional and personal development

Lisa Lebovitz

The Visible Thinking Membership has provided a supportive and engaged community to practice routines and techniques around close — and fun — art looking. The content Claire provides and her facilitation is extraordinary.

The Visible Thinking Membership is simply a must have for art educators. You will gain confidence in facilitation, learn how to navigate the online platform, develop a toolkit of routines and enjoy a diverse community of enthusiastic learners.

Lisa Lebovitz, Gallery Instructor at the Museum of Fine Arts & Cube Art Boston
Caroline de Graaf
Aside from getting to know a wonderful, supportive and diverse group of educators and practitioners, the Visible Thinking Membership sessions have always left me brimming with ideas and hands-on tools to immediately put to work! The lessons and conversations have been a source of inspiration and learning throughout!
If you want to keep learning about what you love doing most, challenge yourself and take away a range of ideas, strategies and tools to put to use immediately, then the Visible Thinking Membership would be perfect for you! Thank you for an amazing two months so far, I look forward to what is still to come!
Caroline De Graaf, Museum Educator & International School Teacher
Caroline Matla

I already knew how much fun and how interesting Claire’s in-person courses were, but now I see the fantastic possibilities online too. In so many ways! So many possibilities.

You learn so much in the Visible Thinking Membership – there is lots of inspiration and lots of fun too. And I am so impressed by how well everything is organised – the live classes, the coaching sessions, the extra information, the cool artworks…..It has opened up a whole new world for me.

Caroline Matla, Heritage Education Consultant at Landschap Erfgoed Utrecht
Dr Eleni Kostarigka

The fact that I am a member, rather than a participant in a one-off training session, has helped me gain a holistic and structured experience. I can set goals, practice and, thus, gain more in-depth knowledge.

The fact that the sessions are practical and we actually become the learners, makes me feel more confident about how to start using different routines in my workshops. I also feel more confident in using Zoom and online learning. Last but not least, being a member of a diverse community is helping both my professional and personal development.

It is amazing how many new things you can learn and how much this can boost your career. Joining the Visible Thinking Membership is one of the best decisions I have made regarding my professional development. I am so impressed with Claire’s work and help! I highly recommend VTM to educators and anyone who is interested in museum/art learning, regardless of their background and career stage.

Dr Eleni Kostarigka, Freelance Museum Educator
Annick van Pol

It’s great to be part of a group of art enthusiasts with a passion for an interactive way of working. Everybody brings in their own viewpoints and expertise and that’s very exciting. In every session that I learn something new, which is not only stimulating but also great fun! Our online meetings are an oasis in the arid desert of Covid isolation.

If you want to learn a huge variety of fascinating approaches to look at, talk about and understand artworks within the company of an international group of art enthusiasts and educators, join the Visible Thinking Membership!

Annick van Pol, Higher Education Professional, Museum Guide and Educator