The joy of engaging with objects

THE JOY OF ENGAGING WITH OBJECTS WITH ALEX WOODALL INTRODUCTION  I’m really happy to be talking to Dr Alex Woodall about her wonderful work with objects. We’re talking about how the joys of working with objects creatively. We’re exploring how you can use objects to spark all sorts of connections, associations and

Learning to Love ‘Boring’ Objects through Slow Looking

LEARNING TO LOVE 'BORING' OBJECTS THROUGH SLOW LOOKING In today’s solo episode, I’m talking about ways to work with objects that you might find 'boring' or uninspiring. I’m sharing how we can use slow looking to learn to love objects that we might otherwise overlook or reject. And how we can

How to Teach with Objects with Jo-Anne Sunderland Bowe

HOW TO TEACH WITH OBJECTS WITH JO-ANNE SUNDERLAND BOWE INTRODUCTION  This week on the podcast: I’m delighted to be talking to Jo-Anne Sunderland Bowe. Jo-Anne is director of Heritec Limited, a UK-based heritage education consultancy which works on European collaborative projects. Jo-Anne has a keen interest in object-based learning and creative and critical thinking. in today’s chat

Learning to Love ‘Boring’ Objects

As museum and tour guides, we want participants on our tours to look closely at objects. However, research has shown that the average time spent viewing artworks or objects is generally short. We also know that every museum has its superstar objects and that some objects get far more attention than others. So, how can we get visitors interested