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What we can learn from improv with Samantha Boffin

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You may remember Samantha Boffin as she was my first guest on the show (Episode 21) and now she is the first guest to come back for a second episode. Besides being a voiceover artist, Sam is also an actor. 

Sam also does an improv class every week and believes that we are all expert improvisers – we just don’t realise we are. In this episode, Sam is sharing what improv is and how it can help us as educators in our own practice and when we’re with our groups leading programmes about art. 

We also talk about how improv makes you a better listener, how it makes you more confident and flexible and to not be afraid of failure. 

We discuss how we might be able to use improv techniques and games with our groups – from Yes, and…, Narrative, Colour, Emotion and line-by-line stories via Humpty Dumpty and Brian the washing machine repair man. We discuss how you can make your audience feel safe and comfortable using improv techniques. 

We had a really lovely chat and I hope you enjoy it. Here it is!


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