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The Art of Facilitation

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Facilitation is a key part of creating engaging and interactive discussions around art and museum objects.

But developing the skills of a good facilitator is an art form in itself – it requires practice, patience and the best facilitators MAKE IT LOOK SO EASY. 

Sometimes people wonder why I chose the word ‘facilitator’ – rather than guide, educator, teacher, docent, or interpreter – to describe people who lead participative, discussion-based experiences around art and objects.

It’s certainly not the easiest word to say, but it does sum up what we do. As a facilitator, you are guiding the process, creating participation and activating the learning and engagement. 

In this week’s episode, I’m talking about facilitation – how can you develop the skills of a good facilitator (and make it look like you were born to do it), and what are the different roles you will be expected to play?