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Radical Rest: Beating Burnout in Museum Education with Kate Oliver

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In today’s episode , we explore the urgent need for rest in the cultural sector, specifically in museum education. My guest, educator and leader, Kate Oliver, a freelancer with extensive experience in museums and learning, recently co-founded the “Radical Rest Network” to address this critical issue.

In today’s conversation, Kate shares insights into the Radical Rest Network’s research, which revealed widespread exhaustion and burnout within the sector.

She discusses how the passion and commitment of museum educators, combined with unending demands, limited resources, and unrealistic expectations, contributes to our field’s sense of fatigue.

Kate emphasises the importance of collective, systemic change, highlighting strategies for organisations and individuals to prioritise rest.

She also introduces the concept of “radical” rest, signalling the need for significant, collaborative changes to address the burnout crisis.

Listen to our conversation to discover practical tips for rest and how the Radical Rest Network is fostering a cultural shift towards a more balanced and sustainable approach to work and well-being in museum education.


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