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Radical Inclusivity in Art: Exploring Slow Art Day with Phyl Terry

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Episode 94 of the Art Engager podcast features another special guest, Phyl Terry, Founder of Slow Art Day.

Slow Art Day is an annual event that encourages participants worldwide to look at and discuss art slowly. Currently, over 1,500 museums and galleries on every continent, including Antarctica’s McMurdo Station, have participated in Slow Art Day.

Phyl discusses the evolution of Slow Art Day over the years, including unique events that have taken place all over the world. They also talk about how organizations can participate in hosting their own Slow Art Day events or how individuals can participate even when there are no events near them.

Phyl discusses the concept of “radical inclusivity” in Slow Art Day, which promotes the idea that anyone can engage with art without the need for prior artistic knowledge, through the act of looking slowly and reflecting. Radical inclusivity is all about fostering a more accessible and inclusive art experience for all.

Finally, Phyl shares their thoughts on the future of Slow Art Day and how it might evolve as a movement in the coming years. The conversation is filled with insights and reflections on the importance of slowing down and spending more time with art. Don’t miss this one!


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