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Pictures of Practice with Gabrielle Grime

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Today on our 50th episode, I’m launching a new series of episodes all about ‘pictures of practice’. I’m really interested is in finding out how other museum educators around the world engage their audiences with art and objects. What are some of the practices that are really important to them? How might they use thinking routines, or slow looking, questioning or facilitation?

For our very first Pictures of Practice, I’m talking today to Gabrielle Grime is a Heritage Education Officer at Wanneroo Regional Museum in Australia. She believes museums can be places of sanctuary which foster wellbeing, as well as sparking creativity, wonder and connection.

Gabrielle read about the Peel the Fruit thinking routine on my blog and decided to give it a go with a group of primary school children. She speaks about this powerful experience in today’s chat and how it moved some people in the group to tears. She then followed my VTMO course last year and is now a member of my community of practice The Thinking Museum Membership. Gabrielle shares how she is applying a number of ideas from the course and the continuing membership classes in her work.

In this chat we talk about what values inform her practice, how she’s going to use slow looking with Front of House staff in a pilot programme and what thinking routines she loves to use. Gabrielle also shares why she stays up until 11pm or midnight to attend classes!

We talk about questioning, facilitation and being part of a community of educators learning, exploring and sharing together. 

I know you’re going to love listening to Gabrielle – and hope her enthusiasm inspires you as much as it did me – enjoy!



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