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How to Look at Art (Slowly)

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We’ve reached another milestone and in honour of 75 episodes, I’m releasing a new FREE resource today.

How to Look at Art (Slowly) shares 30+ different ways that you can look at art or objects in museums.

In today’s special episode I’m talking you through some of these different ways of looking slowly. 

I’ll share why it’s important to slow down and look carefully, before explaining the 4 sections of the guide: Static Looking, Movement, Observation by Drawing, Observation by Writing and Viewfinders.

How to Look at Art (Slowly) is a resource that can be used by anyone.

Whether you’re going to a museum alone and would like some strategies for looking, or if you’re visiting with a friend and are on the lookout for some new ways to engage with what you’re seeing.

Likewise, if you’re an educator or guide, you can use these activities with your groups. All of the activities are coded as either solo or group activities.

These simple activities offer a framework and tools for looking at art and objects for longer.

Choose a variety of different ways to look as you move around the museum. You may want to choose activities that appeal to you or you might want to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. All of the activities will help you to see more. 

Download this free guide via the link below and then listen to the episode!


HOW TO LOOK AT ART (SLOWLY) – a free guide for looking with 30+ activities!

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