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How to get over a ‘tumbleweed moment’ (and avoid one in the future)

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Have you ever asked a question that was greeted with nothing but silence? You look around and all you can see are blank faces.

The silence is scary because you don’t know what people are thinking. It could mean anything.

You wait a little longer and still nothing happens. Just the sound of tumbleweed rustling by….

You’ve just experienced a ‘tumbleweed moment‘ – a period of dead air or silence. 

And it’s awkward and uncomfortable – not just for you but also for your participants too. 

You don’t know what people are thinking and your mind races to think of something to fill the silence. 

But what if you had some steps to work though to help you get over this moment? Well, help is at hand. Today I’m sharing some practical ways to get over a tumbleweed moment.

And at the end I’ll be sharing some advice about avoiding these moments in the first place – so stick around and together we’ll make sure you never have to hear the terrifying sound of silence again! 


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