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Claire’s Favourites: How to Cultivate Curiosity on your Museum and Gallery Programmes

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For the next few weeks I’m choosing my favourite episodes from the back catalogue of the podcast. With 100 episodes to now choose from, I’m taking this opportunity to revisit some of the episodes I’ve most enjoyed putting together. 

Today’s choice is all about curiosity. This was a really popular episode back in February 2022 when it was first published and was the first of two episodes about the subject. In this episode I’m talking about how you can cultivate curiosity with your groups.

This episode talks about what curiosity is and why it matters. Then I’m sharing 3 key ways you can cultivate curiosity in your museum and gallery programmes. How can we really ensure that we are doing all we can to provoke curiosity and wonder amongst the participants on our tours and programmes?


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Episode 39 – How to Stay Curious in your Practice

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