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3 Slow Looking Activities for the Holidays

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For our last episode of the year, I’m sharing 3 slow looking activities for over the holidays. 
It’s a busy time of year and we’re all rushed off our feet. There’s also still a huge amount of uncertainty around right now just to add to the levels of stress and anxiety.
Slow looking is a wonderful antidote to life in the fast line.
Looking at something slowly and carefully is in itself a rewarding process. More than that, slow looking improves your observational skills, helps us to become less distracted and more focused and develop more patience.
Ultimately, slow looking is GOOD FOR THE SOUL.
I recommend choosing one or all of these activities to do at some point over the festive period – it will give you time out, time to slow down and time to notice the wood for the trees. 
You can do these activities on your own or with friends and family and children. Each activity should take no more than 10-15 mins. One is based on drawing, one on looking and thinking and one on writing. Choose the one that suits you best or the one that matches how you’re feeling today. 
I’d love to hear how you get on with any of this activities, Please share your thoughts, photos, sketches and or notes via Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #winterslowlooking