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13 Ways to Make your Online Experiences More Engaging and Interactive

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Over the past year, I’ve attended some fantastic interactive online sessions and I’ve led hundreds of my own.⁠

I’ve also attended some pretty dull one-way presentations and long lectures.

No matter what type of session you are leading – be it a virtual tour, an online art discussion, an online class or course – you need to keep your session interactive to stop participants from tuning out. 

You need to find a variety of ways to engage people throughout the session.

Online experiences that emphasise personalisation, active learning, interaction and engagement will be here to stay.

If you haven’t levelled up your skills yet, it’s time you took some action

When it’s done right, online sessions are JUST as (and in some cases MORE) rewarding and engaging online. ⁠

But how do you make it interactive and keep everyone fully engaged? Here are my 13 ways to get you started…


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