We will ALWAYS remember you.  You gave our family such a wonderful introduction to really seeing art, and I have been telling friends who travel that they should take art tours like the one you gave us.  We all learned so much, had fun and now look at art differently as a result of your tour.  You truly are one of the highlights of our travels.
With deepest appreciation, Meg Sippel and family, Denver, Colorado USA

Meg Sippel and family

‘Ik ben nog steeds druk bezig met ‘jullie’ routines! Gisteren nog een test gedaan met een 65 groep, was echt super! De rondleiders zijn ook nog steeds erg enthousiast!’

Emmeline Nijsingh, Educatie, Dordrechts Museum

De Visible Thinking Training in het Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar was erg inspirerend en ik heb het idee dat er een hoop vruchtbare ideeën zijn ontstaan. En dat ieder voor zich de elementen, die van toepassing zijn, er heeft weten uit te pikken.

Charlotte Samuels, Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar

Claire Bown has a true knack for making museums come to life.
From the Rijksmuseum to the Van Gogh Museum, she showed us the highlights of each museum’s collections and enriched our visits with lively information.
Her ability to connect the life and times during history when the works were painted to the individual artists and their life stories was fabulous.
We learned, laughed, and enjoyed a lot and will absolutely hire Claire again when we return to Amsterdam.

Joy Silver

An excellent overview of the Golden Age by a great guide.
Claire is an excellent guide and gave us a fascinating overview of the Golden Age by in-depth study of a score or so paintings and artefacts, and was also able to discuss our particular interests very knowledgeably. The time flew by.

Lynn Biggs

Claire was a superlative guide. Very knowledgeable, well spoken, pleasant and prompt! I can’t think of anything that did not work. In a fairly condensed period of time, Claire gave us a clear overview of the Dutch during their trading zenith.

Heidi and Lou Charleson

We LOVED the tour!! Claire was wonderful and she came so well prepared, with a bag full of goodies and a head full of knowledge ;). My kids made me promise to book another tour with Claire soon!

Esther van de Paal

As an educational publishing company working with creative people we wanted our annual author outing to be not only fun but connected to the creative side of writing. That is why we asked Thinking Museum to give us a Visible Thinking workshop at the Tropenmuseum.
It was very inspiring to focus on only a few beautiful objects in such a large museum, to think up and express our own thoughts, and to create interesting stories around the art.

Barbara Capel, Content Developer, Thieme Meulenhoff

Als educatieve uitgeverij werken we met creatieve mensen. Als afsluiting van een jaar van hard werken wilden we met onze auteurs iets gaan doen dat niet alleen leuk was, maar ook verband hield met de inhoud van auteurswerk. Daarom hebben we Thinking Museum gevraagd om ons een rondleiding door het Tropenmuseum te geven.
Het was erg inspirerend om ons in zo’n groot museum te concentreren op een paar mooie objecten, om onze eigen gedachten te kunnen formuleren en uiten, en om zelf grappige verhalen te verzinnen bij de kunstwerken.

Barbara Capel, Contentontwikkelaar, ThiemeMeulenhoff