The Art-Work Connection is a unique one-day workshop that applies arts-based learning to corporate training. The programme uses art as a way to hone skills in observation, interpretation, team-building and creativity through exercises and activities conducted in both the museum galleries and on-site meeting rooms.

The morning starts in the museum with a series of carefully designed activities structured to create dialogue and conversations about artworks facilitated by an experienced museum educator. The workshop continues in the afternoon in a meeting room at the museum where art-based activities will inspire participants’ active engagement and creativity whilst strengthening team relationships. Throughout the day, participants will share observations with each other to discover possible meanings in art works and gain awareness of different viewpoints and perspectives throughout the group.

Art challenges us to see and think differently. Being away from the office in a museum environment sets the tone for a new way of learning and inspires creative thought and open conversations.

Each workshop is customised to your company’s needs and goals and can focus on on (or more) of the following areas in a museum of your choice:

  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Team-Building

For pricing information about Art/Work Connections or to schedule a programme for your team, contact us.