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How to Look at Art Slowly


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It can be used by anyone looking for new ways to engage with what they’re seeing.


Visible Thinking in the Museum (VTM) is an approach developed by Claire Bown over the last 12 years that provides a flexible structure around which to explore and discuss a wide variety of materials – in particular museum and heritage collections and their stories.

Slow Looking at Art: The Visible Thinking in the Museum Approach is a practical guide to implementing the approach and covers the 3 foundational elements plus the 8 practices associated with the method.

The book will be published in 2024 as an e-book and a print edition too!

The Ultimate Thinking Routine List

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Thinking Routines for Observation

This free resource bundle includes cheatsheets for the following thinking routines that focus on observation and description:

  • Looking Ten Times Two
  • The Elaboration Game
  • Yes, and..
  • Colour Shape Line
  • Nouns Verbs Adjectives
  • Name Describe Act
  • Slow Complexity Capture
  • Memory Draw
  • Parts Purposes Complexities

Perspective-Taking Cheatsheets

If you are leading any type of programme with groups around art or objects, then you need to have a perspective-taking thinking routine in your repertoire.

This free resource includes cheatsheets for the following thinking routines:

  • Step Inside
  • Point of View
  • Step In Step Out Step Back
  • Gaining New Perspectives
  • 3 Y’s
  • Circle of Viewpoints

Latest Podcast Episodes

I publish a new podcast episode and blog every fortnight on all aspects of engaging your audience with art and ideas – from Visible Thinking in the Museum techniques and ideas, to helping you to develop your questioning or facilitation skills and new tools to experiment with.

Today I’m talking to Briony Brickell, the director of Magic Lantern, an educational charity delivering interactive art history workshops in schools across the UK. We chat about the organisation’s work, its values, and the interactive art history sessions they conduct in primary schools for children aged 4 to 11.We explore Magic Lantern’s unique cross-curricular approach,… Read...
 In today’s episode, Dr. Stephanie Smith, Learning Manager at the Museum of Australian Democracy (MoAD) in Canberra, shares insights into MoAD’s innovative approach to engaging visitors in historical spaces. Steph talks about MoAD’s educational programmes, focusing on their inquiry-based approach and how they encourage an ‘inquiry mindset’ through active student participation. We also explore… Read...
In today’s new episode I’m talking to researcher and practice assistant, Leonie Delaey, discussing how museums engage with young people through youth boards and organisations. Leonie come from a rich background in socio-cultural studies and Cultural Management. She currently serves as a Practice Assistant for the Master in Cultural Management program at the University of… Read...