Take a 2 hour Rijksmuseum private tour and discover the Dutch Golden Age through famous paintings and fascinating objects.

2 hour private tour in English
Hand-picked, engaging guides with a background in art history, history or museum education.
Skip-the-line entrance tickets to the Rijksmuseum
Suitable for adults and family groups.

If you are visiting the Netherlands, you must visit the Rijksmuseum. The Rijksmuseum is the national museum of Dutch art and history with a wonderful collection spanning 800 years in 80 rooms. The museum is home to some of the greatest and most famous works of Dutch art – from Vermeer’s tiny masterpiece, The Milkmaid, to Rembrandt’s epic group portrait, The Night Watch.

The greatest highlights are the works from the Dutch Golden Age of Art (around 1580-1680) and the collection of paintings by Rembrandt, Vermeer, Hals, Steen and de Hooch is world class. The Golden Age in the Netherlands was an extraordinary period of world trade, economic growth, wealth, cultural and religious diversity. Our Rijksmuseum private tour follows the development of Dutch art from the origins of the Dutch Republic, to the founding of the Dutch East India Company to ‘Tulip Mania’ and beyond. Visitors can expect much more than paintings as we will also explore Delftware, items from Dutch maritime history and the famous dollshouses, all combining to vividly demonstrate the wealth of culture during the Golden Age.

Throughout your Rijksmuseum private tour, your guide will show you how to look carefully at art to discover details and information for yourselves. We aim to engage our visitors in conversation about the works of art or objects we are exploring. No two tours will ever be the same!

“While being a fan of art, I’m now a fanatic. The depth of insight into the artist(s) and the works made it much more than a stereotypical tour.”

“We’ve done museum tours all over and a good private guide makes all the difference in the world to one’s ability to see both the bigger historical picture and the intimate details of the artist’s work. Highly recommended.”

“Rather than just lecture, Thinking Museum really engage you in thinking about the art work and its place in history. No wonder they call it a “Thinking Museum Tour.”

“Excellent from beginning (easy to contact via email, and tickets pre-purchased to avoid waiting on line) to end!”

“Our guide was easy to contact, pre-purchased our tickets (saving long lines and making both museums possible), and was delightful, knowledgeable and blended the right combination of history, art knowledge and specific museum highlights to make the most of our limited time. Absolutely worth doing this way!”

Still Curious?

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