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Take a 2 hour Young Thinkers private tour at the Rijksmuseum private tour and discover the Dutch Golden Age through famous paintings and fascinating objects.

2 hour private family tour in English
Hand-picked, engaging family guides with a background in museum education.
Skip-the-line entrance tickets to the Rijksmuseum
Suitable for family groups with children aged 6-13 years

Make the most of your visit to Amsterdam with a 2 hour Rijksmuseum family tour with an experienced museum educator. Experience Dutch history and learn how to look at famous paintings and fascinating objects through family-friendly activities and discussions.

The Rijksmuseum is the national museum of Dutch art and history featuring collections spanning 800 years in the facility’s 80 rooms. Recently re-opened after 10 years of renovation, the museum is home to some of the greatest and most famous works of Dutch art, from Vermeer’s tiny masterpiece, The Milkmaid, to Rembrandt’s epic group portrait, The Night Watch.

On this specially designed 2 hour Rijksmuseum family tour, your museum educator will show you the highlights from museum’s extensive collection from the smallest to the largest objects. We will also explore famous paintings from the Dutch Golden Age including famous paintings by Rembrandt, Vermeer and others. In addition, we will discover items from Dutch maritime history, the famous dollhouses, Delftware flower pyramids and an aeroplane (!) to vividly demonstrate the wealth of culture throughout Dutch history.

The focus of the family tour will be on learning to look carefully at art and museum objects using questions and discussion. We will practise our skills of observation through slow, careful looking and become art detectives looking for hidden meanings and symbols. Activities have been carefully designed to engage both children and adults in discovering how every object tells a story.

The Rijksmuseum family tour has been developed for families with children aged 6-13 years. If your children are younger than 6 years, please contact us for a modified programme. For families with older children, the Rijksmuseum Dutch Golden Age private tour is also suitable with one of our trained museum educators.

“It was a great tour – we only have boys and they said it made it more interesting for them because they were forced to think about the painting and have a opinion about it! Which was very good for them! It is really worthwhile to experience a museum with a private tour – just so much more interesting!”

“Frankly, with kids, this is the only way to tour the museums if you really want them to get something out of it. I would do this all over again if I find myself in Amsterdam again, with or without kids! I highly recommend it!”

“(Our museum educator) was interesting, made us all think outside the box and gave us so much more information than we came with. The kids loved her and were engaged the entire time. After the tour we stayed for an extra hour and a half to go over what we learned from the tour!!”

“It was the perfect tour for our teenage son who is currently studying European History and had just finished with the Dutch Revolts and the Dutch Golden Age. You were able to tailor the tour to his knowledge level. A wonderful day spent at a museum that could have been overwhelming to the first time visitor.”

“We were a family group of 7, including an 8 and 11 year old. (Our museum educator) did a great job engaging both the kids and adults and has a passion for the topics. Highly recommend”

” Thinking Museum custom designed the tour to give me information as well as keep the kids engaged. It was very interactive and interesting, and I highly recommend it.”

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