Take a 1.5 hour journey through modern and contemporary art on a private tour with a Thinking Museum specialist guide.

1.5 hour private tour in English
Hand-picked, engaging guides with a background in art history, history or museum education.
Skip-the-line entrance tickets to the Stedelijk Museum
Suitable for adults and family groups.

The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam is the largest museum for modern and contemporary art and design in the Netherlands. Built in 1895 and having undergone extensive renovation with the addition of a new wing (known locally as the ‘bathtub’), the museum houses an impressive world class collection of paintings and sculpture alongside an extensive design collection.
The museum displays iconic works in the careers of Vincent van Gogh, Wassily Kandinsky, Marc Chagall, Henri Matisse, Piet Mondrian, Kazimir Malevich, Karel Appel and the artists of the CoBrA group.

Our private tour at the Stedelijk Museum will take you on a journey through the story of modern and contemporary art over the last 150 years. We will discover how artists in the 19th Century rejected traditional subject matter and defiantly created provocative new art about people, places and even ideas. We will see how they experimented with colour, materials and new techniques and challenged the traditions of art making.

Styles of art were further refined during the course of the 20th Century and we will continue our tour by discussing artworks from some of the most influential modern and contemporary art movements of the century including Cubism, Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art and Conceptual Art. Our Stedelijk Museum private tour will illuminate how artists pushed the boundaries, and explored new modes of expression and in doing so transformed art as we know it.

Throughout your Stedelijk Museum private tour, your Thinking Museum guide will show you how to look carefully at art to discover details and information for yourselves. We aim to engage our visitors in conversation about the works of art or objects we are exploring. This Stedelijk Museum tour has been specially developed by Thinking Museum and is designed to deliver a top-notch learning experience. No two tours will ever be the same!

“While being a fan of art, I’m now a fanatic. The depth of insight into the artist(s) and the works made it much more than a stereotypical tour.”

“Excellent from beginning (easy to contact via email, and tickets pre-purchased to avoid waiting on line) to end!”

“I usually have tour guides who tell me what to see, what to look for, the history and background. Because we were encouraged to participate, I think we gained a better appreciation for and knowledge of the various works of art.”

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