Are you curious about how journaling might help you learn and grow as an educator? Register for our recorded class ‘Journaling for Creativity and Personal Development’ with guest teacher Moyra Mackie.
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Journaling isn’t like the “keeping a diary” you did as a kid, it’s not just something to capture your memories (although it can be that too) – it’s actually a concept that’s helped some of the most amazing and insightful individuals become better…better leaders, better parents, better partners, better communicators…
There are so many aspects of life that can be improved by making journaling a regular habit. In this interactive 90 minute online class with guest teacher Moyra Mackie, we will look at the research-backed benefits of journaling and experiment with a wide range of journaling techniques so that you leave with a ‘toolkit’ to adapt and use.
In addition, we will:
  • Explore how journaling can boost your professional development as an educator
  • Use free writing as a grounding and clarifying ritual
  • Move beyond words to explore the power of image, metaphor and colour in allowing
    you to express and access your thoughts and feelings
  • Discuss how to overcome the obstacles to journal writing and how to embed it as a
What you’ll need to bring:
1. Plenty of paper – preferably in notebook form but looseleaf is OK. Your notebook
can have plain, lined or grid paper and A4 or A5 is best.
2. Coloured pens, pencils, crayons
3. A pen you like writing with
Moyra Mackie is an accredited executive and team coach and experienced group facilitator who was born and raised in Zimbabwe and now lives in Hertfordshire, UK. Informed by Gestalt psychotherapy and her coaching training and experience she translates the questions that unlock insights in the coaching room into powerful journal prompts. She believes journaling is a form of mindful self-coaching.
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