Take my new 4 part recorded mini-course ‘Art and Words’. This online course uses artworks as the inspiration and prompt for creative and reflective writing. It is intended for both educators, creatives and writers who would like to use art to inspire and drive their writing and those of others, too.
You will learn how to:
  • Spend time looking at and exploring art
  • Develop your writing skills
  • Explore your imagination and creativity for ideas
  • Develop observation and description skills
  • Gain ideas for different types of writing sessions that you can create for your audiences through art
The Art and Words 4 part mini-course is a combination of 4 x 90 minute recorded classes – 3 online classes taught by Thinking Museum founder, Claire Bown and an extra-special recorded masterclass on journaling taught by guest teacher Moyra Mackie.
Class 1 – Exploring Creative Writing Through Art with Claire Bown
In this first class we will explore why and how art can inspire and act as a prompt for writing, words and ideas. We’ll cover how to choose artworks for writing-inspired activities and why observation and description are the essential starting point. You’ll experience a variety of creative writing activities, including descriptive and free writing –  all with using art as the springboard for our ideas.
Class 2- Digging Deeper with Creative Writing through Art with Claire Bown
In this second creative writing class, we’ll build upon the skills learned in the first creative writing class and dive deeper into creative writing techniques. We’ll explore narrative and characters and how artworks can inspire different types of poetry.
Class 3 –Journaling for Creativity and Professional Development with Moyra Mackie
Are you curious about how journaling might help you learn and grow as an educator? In this interactive 90 minute online class we will look at the research-backed benefits of journaling and experiment with a wide range of journaling techniques, so that you leave with a ‘toolkit’ to
adapt and use.
Class 4 – Reflective Writing with Claire Bown
In this final class, we’ll focus on how art can support social emotional learning and reflective writing. We’ll explore how looking at and connecting with art is a powerful way to explore identity, recognise emotions and develop self-perception. We’ll experience a variety of art discussions that will encourage self-reflection and introspection.
No prior experience with writing or art is necessary to enrol in this course. All are welcome.
By purchasing this product, you will have access to all 4 sessions and the complete Art and Words mini-course. You will receive a link to the recording and the slides for the session. Allow 90 mins for each class and make sure that you have plenty of paper, pens and pencils to hand.
What you’ll need to bring:
1. Plenty of paper – preferably in notebook form but looseleaf is OK. Your notebook can have plain, lined or grid paper and A4 or A5 is best.
2. Coloured pens, pencils, crayons
3. A pen you like writing with