You will learn how to the use the ‘Visible Thinking in the Museum’ (VTM) method created by Claire Bown over the last 9 years. The VTM method allows educators and guides to confidently and easily lead engaging discussions around art and museum objects. You will learn how to engage with objects, with ideas and with others.
You will be learn how to:
  • Facilitate and to shape conversations, discussions and dialogues with groups (both online and in-person)
  • Give your discussions a flexible structure and substance using thinking routines.
  • Best engage your group by employing facilitation skills, good questioning skills and the techniques of collaborative learning
  • Handle information strategically and productively
  • Use thinking routines for group, individual and personal use
  • Use different techniques to engage with art and artefacts, with ideas and with others

By joining the VTM Membership, you will grow in confidence and expertise through consistent learning, practice, feedback and coaching.