This depends on you and how much time you want or have to put into this. Ideally, you should aim to put aside 1.5-2 per week for the live VTMO group class, plus 1-2 hours per week to watch the video lessons, do readings and take part in practice sessions. On average, a commitment of 1-4 hours.

But you don’t HAVE to attend any live classes/coaching sessions.

All the replays/resources are available, so you can work through the content at your own pace if you prefer.

You will need to factor in time for implementation…but again that’s down to what you can manage.

It takes most people at least a year to master the art of facilitating engaging discussions around art and artefacts. BUT with focused effort – and the right support – you can make HUGE progress in just 90 days.

But it’s absolutely fine to go at your own pace too!