The Visible Thinking Membership is a combination of live courses and classes taught by Claire Bown (Founder, Thinking Museum) and guest teachers and a library of past courses and classes.
Past courses have included my Slow Looking Course, Art and Words, Art-Based Learning amongst others. These classes were taught live at the time and then the recordings were uploaded to the members website.
In addition, there are live monthly expert masterclasses & live thinking routines classes every month which you can attend live or catch up on the recording.
Recent subjects have included virtual facilitation techniques, questioning techniques and great group dynamics.
Recent thinking routine classes have focused 60 minutes on routines such as Think Puzzle Explore and Layers.
There are also regular Practice and Coaching sessions so that you can lead a discussion with fellow members and get feedback and coaching.
We also have a monthly Membership book club.
Live classes take place over Zoom which is a video conferencing software. 
I would highly  recommend coming to as many live classes as you can as this is how you will get the most from the VTM Membership.