Who is the Thinking Museum Self-Paced Programme for?

This programme is intended for you if you want to equip yourself or your team with the skills you need to create and lead engaging experiences around art and artefacts. This programme is 100% online. Follow my courses & classes wherever you are and at your own pace. All content is asynchronous so that you can access in your own

Do I need any previous experience to join?

No. You can join the Thinking Museum Self-Paced Programme without any prior experience. The Thinking Museum Self-Paced Programme is designed to equip you with the skills you need to create and lead interactive experiences around art and artefacts. You can join the membership if you have some experience but want to improve and develop your skills and confidence in leading engaging discussion-based,

How do I join the Self-Paced Programme?

There are two ways to join the Thinking Museum Self-Paced Programme: Pay a monthly subscription of €29,- per month, incl. VAT. OR Pay Annually and save € with our Annual Rate €329,- incl. VAT Payment is taken either every month, or yearly, depending on the subscription you choose. Payment can be made by credit card or Paypal. If you take

How do I take part in the Thinking Museum Self-Paced Programme?

Sign up via the shop and get immediate access to our core classes and courses. You can follow all the classes and courses in your own time and at your own pace. There are 4 core masterclasses: Introduction to Visible Thinking in the Museum, The Art of Questioning, Building Rapport: Great Group Dynamics and Zoom Confidence for educators. There are

How long is the EARLY BIRD price valid?

The EARLY BIRD price for the VTM Membership is valid only for Thinking Museum subscribers. You can subscribe here. The EARLY BIRD price is valid from Monday 7 - Sunday 13 September 2020 inclusive. The VTM Membership will open on Monday 14 September. The Early Bird price is €45,- per month (excluding VAT) or €500,- (excluding VAT) for an annual

What if I want to leave?

The VTM Membership is an ongoing subscription to a learning community. There is a minimum period of 6 months required in the VTM Membership to take full advantage of all the materials and resources we have to offer and to work at your own pace. Do bear in mind that it takes most people at least one year to confidently master

How many hours a week do I need to commit to?

This depends on you and how much time you want or have to put into this. Ideally, you should aim to put aside 1.5-2 per week for the live VTMO group class, plus 1-2 hours per week to watch the video lessons, do readings and take part in practice sessions. On average, a commitment of 1-4 hours. But you don’t

How do I take part in the VTM Membership?

The Visible Thinking Membership is a combination of live courses and classes taught by Claire Bown (Founder, Thinking Museum) and guest teachers and a library of past courses and classes. Past courses have included my Slow Looking Course, Art and Words, Art-Based Learning amongst others. These classes were taught live at the time and then the recordings were uploaded to

How long does the VTMO course last?

VTMO is a 90 day plan teaching you to confidently & easily lead lively discussions about art and artefacts that will make your tours, guided discussions & educational programmes more engaging and interactive. There are 8 modules spread out over 10/11 weeks (with 2 implementation weeks for assignments, reading and practice). For every module there is a live group class