6 quick-fire ways to improve your Zoom confidence

What's your Zoom confidence like? Whether you're new to Zoom or you’ve already had a go (but are still unsure), it's important to feel confident when running sessions on Zoom. Perhaps you're afraid of the tech and want to feel in control of it? Or maybe you're worried that your sessions won't be as engaging as your in-person ones?

4 Myths about Online Learning: Challenge your Thinking

Do you ‘distrust’ or ‘dislike’ online learning? Maybe you’ believe that ‘in-person’ is miles better? Then, it's definitely time to challenge your thinking on these 4 common myths about online learning. I've attended some fantastic online classes over the past few months and I've led plenty of my own.⁠ ⁠ I've gone from teaching partially to fully online

The Power of Reflection in Online Learning

So, this week marks the end of my 8 week Visible Thinking in the Museum Online (VTMO) course. 17 participants from 8 different countries (& 2 continents) came with me on a deep dive into learning how to create engaging and lively discussions about art and museum objects using my method ‘Visible Thinking in the Museum’ (a combination of

Tips & Tools: Positioning on Guided Tours

How often do you think about how you position yourself on a guided tour? And how you position the group too? It can make all the difference! YOU: Before introducing an object/artwork to someone on your tour, see it properly for yourself. Look at it from a variety of difficult angles (as your participants would) and see what is easy

Visible Thinking Routine of the Week: Beginning-Middle-End

⭐️VISIBLE THINKING ROUTINE OF THE WEEK ⭐️ BEGINNING-MIDDLE-END I absolutely love this routine. It has always been a STAR ⭐️ for me with groups of all ages. It never fails. Even with a group of IT Managers who admitted right at the start of our workshop that they 'don't do art museums' loved this routine and came up with

Thinking Routine of the Week: Headlines

THINKING ROUTINE OF THE WEEK: HEADLINES HEADLINES is a thinking routine that helps to capture the essence or heart of something being discussed. It is also used for summarising and synthesising ideas. It has just ONE question that asks: 'If you were to write a headline for this topic or issue right

Our 6 Most Popular Blogs of 2019

What did you enjoy reading the most in 2019? It's always good to reflect at the end of the year before starting a new one - and it was really interesting to see which of our blog posts were the most popular! Did you catch all of these? Scroll through this list, and catch up on our top blogs

A Quick Guide to Facilitation Skills

On my Visible Thinking in the Museum trainings we teach participants facilitation skills for use on guided tours or educational programmes with art and museum objects. I use this image (above) of an angry teacher (!) to get the discussion started with the question 'What is facilitation?' What is facilitation? What is a facilitator?  The word facilitate actually comes from