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How to Use the Unveiling Stories Thinking Routine to Investigate Multiple Layers of Meaning in a Photograph

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Today I’m talking all about how to use the ‘Unveiling Stories’ thinking routine to investigate multiple layers of meaning with a photograph.

This is part of a new series of episodes on the podcast where I share a thinking routine with you and all the insights for how you might be able to use it with an artwork or object with groups – either in-person or online.

Unveiling Stories was our ‘thinking routine of the month’ for June in my Membership Programme. Every month we have a specialist thinking routine online class that gives us the opportunity to discover a new thinking routine or to dig a bit deeper into one we already know. 

Discover in this episode:

  • What is ‘Unveiling Stories’ thinking routine?
  • 5 Steps of Unveiling Stories
  • About ‘Unveiling Stories’
  • How we structured the discussion using ‘Cross-Border Love’ – a photograph by Roland Schmid
  • My key takeaways and tips for using this thinking routine


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Roland Schmid, ‘Cross-Border Love’ (25 April, 2020 )Courtesy of World Press Photo

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