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How looking at art can improve your mental health with Yaël van Loosbroek – Speck

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This week on the podcast: I’m delighted to be talking to Yaël van Loosbroek – Speck about art and mental health

Yaël believes, like me, that everyone can engage with art, and that it all starts with looking – hence the name of her company, ArtSee.

About ten years ago Yaël herself suffered from depression and severe anxiety disorder. The only place she could find peace of mind was in front of an artwork. This experience motivated her to create Art as Perspective for people going through the same mental issues as she did.

In today’s chat we discuss what Art as Perspective is and how it works. We talk about how to design art programmes for people living with depression & anxiety, the frameworks she uses and the questions she asks. 

We also talk about how art discussions help people living with depression, anxiety and negative thoughts and the mental health benefits of looking at and discussing art.

Yaël also shares some really helpful tips for creating art programmes that have a positive impact on mental health.

We had a really lovely chat and I hope you enjoy it. Here it is!


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