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8 ways to show up in a resourceful state

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Today I’m talking about how we can get ourselves into our best state – our most resourceful state – for when we show up to facilitate art discussions, tours, programmes or lessons. And sharing 8 different ways for you to turn up at your best!

How you show up is important.

Whether you’re leading a tour, teaching an educational programme, teaching a lesson in a classroom or facilitating a training.

You want to make sure that when you arrive, you’re in the best state possible. 

This is something that we can all strive for in whatever people-facing commitments we may have – that we are calm, ready and clear to do our work in the best way we can.

In the coaching certification that I’ve been studying for over the past year we’ve been talking about how to show up in a resourceful state.

In today’s episode, I’ll explain what this means and suggest 8 different ways to get yourself into a resourceful state before every tour, programme or session that you lead.


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