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6 Ways to Create Awe-Inspiring Experiences with Art and Objects

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Awe is an emotion that can be triggered by being around something larger than yourself, that’s not immediately understandable.

It’s that feeling you get when you look up and see millions of stars in the night sky; witness a beautiful landscape or set eyes on an artwork for the first time. 

Museums and galleries, historic settings and buildings can all provoke awe. And you can foster more of it in your programmes by thinking carefully about the artworks, objects you include, the questions you ask and the information you share. 

How about you try to sprinkle some awe-moments throughout your next guided tour or educational programme?

So today, I’m talking about what awe is, why it’s important and sharing 6 ways you can create awe-inspiring experiences with art and objects.

At the end I’ll be sharing 3 things to look for to check you’ve succeeded in inspiring awe in your audience.


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