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3 Key Ways to Foster Curiosity in your Programmes

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So in today’s episode is the first of 2 episodes devoted to a subject close to my heart: curiosity.

This week I’ll be exploring what curiosity is and sharing 3 key ways you can provoke curiosity and wonder with your audiences on your tours and programmes. Next week, I’ll be discussing how we can stay curious ourselves as educators, guides and teachers.

Curiosity is notoriously difficult to define and it’s even harder to work out how to harness and foster it. It could be defined as an eagerness to encounter what is new or unfamiliar and the desire to learn, to understand new things and to know how they work.

We know that artworks, objects and artefacts have the power to inspire, provoke curiosity and interest.  We make unexpected discoveries – find new artists, new artworks we didn’t know about, find out information that we hadn’t heard before, and these new finds take us to new places that we haven’t been before. 

So how can we really ensure that we are harnessing that power and doing all we can to provoke curiosity and wonder amongst the participants on our tours and programmes?


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