The joy of engaging with objects with Dr Alex Woodall

I’m really happy to be talking to Dr Alex Woodall about her wonderful work with objects. We’re talking about how the joys of working with objects creatively. We’re exploring how you can use objects to spark all sorts of connections, associations and fun in the museum and beyond…Dr Alex Woodall is a museum professional and academic, inspired by the creative

How to Look at Art (Slowly)

We’ve reached another milestone and in honour of 75 episodes, I’m releasing a new resource today which shares 31 different ways that you can look at art or objects in museums. Today I’m going to talk you through some of these different ways of looking slowly. I'll share why it's important to slow down and look carefully before explaining the 4

How to enjoy art (without knowing anything about it)

Today I’m chatting to Ben Street about his new book 'How to Enjoy Art: A Guide for Everyone'. We’re talking about how we can enjoy art without needing to know anything about it. Ben Street is an author, educator and art historian. He’s also been a school teacher and museum educator. He’s a writer of interpretation for museums and exhibitions

How to talk about activist protests in art museums

Today’s episode follows on from a popular post I wrote on social media recently about how to talk about the recent activist protests in art museums with your participants.  I wanted to take the opportunity to explore the subject in a bit more detail here. Art has been hitting the headlines recently with numerous climate activist protests targeting famous paintings in

A holistic approach to movement in museum teaching and learning with Rachel Ropeik

Today I’m talking to Rachel Ropeik about her work. We’re talking about the many ways in which we can incorporate movement into our work as educators and how it can help with engagement. Rachel Ropeik is an educator, facilitator, adventurer, experience builder and pirate who brings thoughtful, playful, and progressive approaches to catalysing change in arts and culture. She currently works

Deconstructing the traditional guided tour with Hanna Piksen

Today I’m so happy to be talking to Hanna Piksen about deconstructing the traditional guided tour and creating a completely new experience where guides are given free rein to design and lead the tour entirely from their own perspective. Hanna Piksen is the Head of Co-learning at Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam. This is the national museum for digital culture, design

How to use body language to create engagement

Body language is defined as ‘the conscious and unconscious movements and postures by which attitudes and feelings are communicated’.When we talk about body language we’re talking about a wide range of human expression - such as posture, eye contact, use of space, voice, gesture, and so on.And these are signals that communicate with us nonverbally, they are ‘wordless signals’ that

Looking at life like a work of art with Marina Gross Hoy

Today I'm delighted to be talking to Marina Gross Hoy about how to look, and in particular, how to look at your daily life as if you were looking at a work of art.Marina Gross Hoy is a museum studies PhD candidate and a writer. Her doctoral research at the University of Quebec in Montreal focusing on how museums develop

Mindset shift: how to embrace the power of information

Many of us are experts in our field - possibly art historians, historians or archaeologists - and want to share that incredible knowledge with the groups we lead in our programmes.But sometimes having that knowledge can be a burden. It can weigh heavy on us. Knowing what information to share, when to share it and how to share it is