Flow Magazine (English version), 2017 ‘Slow Art’ – contact us for a copy of the article in English

Flow Magazine (Dutch version) Number 3, 2016 ‘Slow Art’contact us for a copy of the article in Dutch.

Guest post on Museum Questions blog ‘Field Trips that Teach Thinking Skills’

Think Katink, Mompreneur Monday Interview

Article on Amsterdam Mamas website about ‘Stories Around the World’ ‘Programme for International Schools at the Tropenmuseum’

Master of Museology Thesis ‘See-Think-Wonder: Integrating Thinking Routines into an International Primary School Programme at the Tropenmuseum’ Contact us for a copy. 

Interview on the Tropenmuseum website about ‘Stories around the World’, February 2013

Reinwardt Academy ‘Buurtwinkels’ project with Amsterdam Museum, December 2011:

Reinwardt Academy ‘Is Nothing Sacred? The ethics of representing sensitive issues in museums’ by Claire Bown, Carla Prat, Romola Weterings and Kiye Oh, December 2011