About Us

Ever wondered what makes the perfect guided tour experience? Or what it takes to be be a perfect guide? As training and engagement specialists for all aspects of the guided tour experience, we can help find a personalised answer for you as an individual or as a company.

Drawing on 20 years of experience in the field – tour management, tour guiding and museum guiding – and a background in educational travel and museum education, Thinking Museum was founded by Claire Bown in 2013. We design and facilitate training courses (in-person, digital) for museum educators, tour guides, docents and volunteers in all aspects of guided tour techniques. We are guide training and engagement specialists.
  • Designing and leading unique, stimulating and interactive in-person training courses, workshops, and digital courses (online courses and webinars) for all aspects of tour techniques
  • Development of training materials, interpretive strategies and instruction in content and tour techniques
  • Specialist in training courses/workshops for inquiry-based, interactive, visitor-led engagement techniques and activities
  • Designing processes for the selection, on-boarding and continuous training of guides
  • Evaluation of individual museum guides, tour guides and volunteers
  • Coaching and mentoring of individual or groups of museum guides, tour guides and volunteers
  • Specialist in developing and training in new methods and strategies for engagement on guided tours (e.g. ‘Visible Thinking in the Museum’ methodology)
  • Guide community management

Contact us to discuss: tour guide & museum guide training, including recruitment and on-boarding, on-going or specialist training needs, creation of learning materials, evaluation techniques and guide community building.