About Visible Thinking in the Museum

Visible Thinking (VT) is an approach to teaching and learning that offers opportunities to develop thinking dispositions such as curiosity, understanding and a creative mindset. Originally developed for classroom use, Thinking Museum has successfully adapted elements of VT for use in museum programmes and developed the first museum programmes to use VT in the Netherlands at the Tropenmuseum.

Thinking Museum is passionate about promoting engagement and curiosity in the museum through the use of elements of Visible Thinking. Contact us for:

  • Expert advice and consultation on use and integration of VT methods into educational programmes and materials for all ages.
  • Presentations and workshops on ways to use VT in your organisation.
  • Training courses for museum educators and docents in VT in the museum: e.g. thinking routines, documentation, creating a culture of thinking.
  • Creation of educational programmes for all ages using VT methods.