Our Team

We are an enthusiastic and passionate group of educators, art historians, facilitators and professionals working together to create museum experiences that are engaging, fun and educational.

Below you will find information about the ‘thinkers’ that make up our team.


Claire Bown

Claire Bown is an experienced museum educator and the founder of Thinking Museum which designs high quality, innovative learning activities, tours, workshops and training for museums, private individuals and business. Thinking Museum specialises in the use and application of thinking routines from Visible Thinking and Visual Thinking Strategies. Claire developed the first Dutch museum programmes to […]

Danielle Carter

Danielle Carter is a strong believer that the museum is for everyone and she is particularly interested in photography history, modern and contemporary art, and the history and evolution of museums. She studied Art History, Studio Art and Museum Studies in her sunny home state of Florida. During her studies, she started working with kids […]

Stefanie van Gemert

Stefanie van Gemert brings more than 7 years of museum experience to Thinking Museum. Whilst working in London she programmed public events for several museums: the Wallace Collection, the Dickens Museum, UCL Art Museum and the National Army Museum. Currently living in Amsterdam, Stefanie works as a freelance Educator at the Van Gogh Museum, Tropenmuseum […]

Gundy van Dijk

Gundy van Dijk is a museum professional with more than 10 years experience. She has worked as a museum educator for several museums in Amsterdam at the Maritime Museum, Amsterdam Museum, Resistance Museum, as well as a Senior Educator at the Tropenmuseum. Since 2014, Gundy has run her own company (Thinking Education) through which she offers […]

Sander Daams

As a freelance art professional, Sander provides art education services for the Stedelijk Museum, Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh museum amongst others. Sander is skilled at leading and developing art and educational tours, workshops and trainings for audiences of all ages – and in particular, children, families and adults. Sander has a particular interest in developing programmes for groups […]

Sabry Amroussi

Sabry Amroussi in an art historian working and living in Amsterdam. After his studies in art history at the University of Amsterdam he specialised in all art „in edition”, for example, books, prints and multiples and used this knowledge to run an antiquarian art bookshop. He is a true allrounder; from Jewish history of Amsterdam to […]

Wendy Fossen

Wendy Fossen, owner of Casa dell’Arte, works as a freelance art historian. Wendy has been giving art history courses in both Dutch and English for over 8 years now. She also works as a museum guide at the Gemeentemuseum and Mauritshuis in The Hague, and as a tour guide in Italy. Wendy graduated at the […]

Larisa Sjoerds

Larisa Sjoerds is an art teacher, museum docent, artist and student. She is passionate about interactive tour guiding techniques, facilitating creative processes and developing visual literacy.  She designs educational programs for the Dordrecht Museum and Stedelijk Museum Schiedam. Larisa is also studying for her ‘Master of Education in Arts’ at the Piet Zwart Institute and is currently writing her thesis […]

Anita Liemburg

Besides working as a museumeducator / guide at the Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam Historical Museum, Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum, the Rembrandt House, Anne Frank House, Paleis Soesdijk and the Kunstkijkuren, Anita runs her own company ‘Muzeaal Verhalen’. As Muzeaal Verhalen, I develop educational programs for cultural institutions and work as an advisor. Trained in Visual Thinking Strategies, Anita also runs training […]

Katrina Posner

Katrina Posner is an objects conservator with 20 years experience in the fine art of looking at, within and around art and artifacts. She has worked with museums in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Leiden and Amsterdam. Before moving with her family to Amsterdam in 2013, she was associate conservator for Decorative Arts and Sculpture […]

Eve Kalyva

Eve Kalyva is an art critic and a writer. She has a PhD in Art History (2011), has worked as lecturer in Europe and Latin America, and has collaborated with art institutions as curator, critic and artist in residence. Eve is interested in the relation between art and society in both its historical and contemporary […]

Amanda Beal Barut

Amanda is a program manager with experience in the private, diplomatic and public sectors. Her work has taken her to Japan, Korea, Australia, the UK and northern Europe. She is involved in strategic planning, communication, branding and identity and relationship management. She’s worked across the spectrum of cultural programs from art and performance to publishing […]

Silvia Owen

Silvia is the bookings coordinator for Thinking Museum and is happy to answer all your tour questions.  She’s an American expat who’s lived in Amsterdam going on 12 years and has a deep love for this beautiful city.